Wedding Party Decorations Push Pop Confetti Popper Paper Confetti Cannon

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Wedding Party Decorations Push Pop Confetti Popper Paper Confetti Cannon

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Push pop confetti

Shower your friends with confetti with this cute push-pop! Inside is a mix of hand-cut paper and metallic foil shapes.
This popper is also eco-friendly - once it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s popped, simply clean up the confetti and reload it to use it again!

Product Overview




1.various products length is available. popper is powered by compressed air and spring. without fireworks,without any chemical pollution.


3. Without fireworks and any chemical pollution is vary safe and it's vary easy to use. Suit for adults and children(not suit for under 3years children).


4.suit for all kinds of celebration for example: Christmas,wedding,birthday party, vcarnival,sports meetint etc.


5.Our party popper could filled in color pappers and gold foil pappers. You could choose the color and the shape.


6.packing with OPP bag or customer package

Product Details & Description



Used for wedding, birthday, Holloween, etc. party

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